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Hospicio Cabañas 
UNESCO Worlds Heritage Centre
Hospicio Cabañas
One of the oldest and largest hospital complexes in Spanish America and a World Heritage Site. Jose Clemento Orozco ...
Degollado Theater
Degollado Theater
A must-to-see. The place for the cultural arts & the headquarters for the Jalisco State Orchestra & the Folkloric Ballet ...
A blue agave plantation in Tequila Jalisco
Blue agave fields
The area where tequila is made was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites ...
Cathedral Guadalajara Jalisco
The Cathedral
The landscape of the historic center and the city's most famous landmark due to its emblematic towers ...


Guadalajara is a great vacation destination for visitors seeking a taste of authentic Mexican culture combined with numerous activities and the modern comforts only a big city can provide. Guadalajara is the proud state capital of Jalisco and the second most populated city in Mexico. Guadalajara's history dates to the 16th century and the rich heritage of México's colonial gem is evident everywhere you look. Full of monuments, parks and flowers, fountains and tree lined avenues, Guadalajara is an incredibly diverse and stately city with amazing qualities, both modern and historic, that embrace all who visit.

The fountain La Minerva is one of the
 most significant icons of Guadalajara Guadalajara is located in the central region of the state and in the western-Pacific area of Mexico. Also known as La Perla del Occidente (Pearl of the West), Guadalajara is the birthplace of Mexico's most famous traditions: tequila, charreadas (Mexican rodeos), Mexican hat dance and mariachi music. Guadalajara has been declared, “The Most Mexican City” because of its authenticity. Guadalajara is one of the principal centers of culture, economy, history, industry and religion in the country and exerts significant influence on the rest of Mexico.

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Guadalajara birthplace of Mexico's Charros
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An incredibly diverse city with amazing 
qualities, both modern and historic

Guadalajara's historic center: A must on any visitors list

Guadalajara and the surrounding state of Jalisco are two of Mexico's most beautiful and historic showpieces. Guadalajara has plenty of attractions to keep it's visitors busy. The things to here and sights of interest abound everywhere inside and outside the city.

A must on any visitors list of things to do in Guadalajara is the historic center. Guadalajara's historic center is a great place to get acquainted with some of its areas history and also get a taste of the incredible colonial architecture that has made Guadalajara the envy of other Mexican cities.

The landscape of the historic center is dominated by the colonial Cathedral, built between 1561 and 1618 by the architect Martín Casillas in an early Baroque style. The current Gothic spires replaced the original ones, which were destroyed by an earthquake in the nineteenth century.

Behind the cathedral lies the Teatro Degollado (Degollado Theater), a monumental 19th-century building and one of the city’s main cultural arts venues.

One of the most interesting places of historical interest in Guadalajara is the Government Palace. Lodging of the insurgent, Miguel Hidalgo, who passed the law abolishing slavery from that very palace in 1810 and years later, the headquarters of the Federal Government when, Don Benito Juárez, the great patriot, took over the building during his flight from the conservative troops of Generals Miramón and Márquez.

Just behind the Cathedral lies the spacious Liberation Square. Sunday afternoons on the Square are filled with many people watching magicians and mimes, listening to musicians, buying things from street vendors among the fountains and tabachin trees. One can also admire the statue of Father Miguel Hidalgo, the father of Mexican Independence.

Founder's Square is located at the rear of the Degollado Theater at the end of Plaza Tapatia. The plaza contains a fountain and a relief sculpture of the first settlers of the city. It marks the exact site where Guadalajara was first settled.

Guadalajara is the birthplace of Mexico's 
most famous tradition: the mariachi band.
Tonala and Tlaquepaque have some of Mexico's best crafts
Chivas of Guadalajara Soccer Team

Guadalajara & Jalisco: Two of Mexico's most beautiful and historic showpieces

When visiting Guadalajara, day trips will showcase the state's diverse natural beauty. Many visitors enjoy the gorgeous villages lining Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest freshwater lake. Others head for the rugged Sierra Madre mountains and the tranquil alpine villages of Tapalpa and Mazamitla and of course no one cannot miss the town of Tequila, where Mexico’s most famous drink is produced.

The suburbs of Tonala and Tlaquepaque have some of the country's best crafts. Tonala is the pottery capital of Jalisco and the only city in the nation where more than 10 traditional techniques are used to make various crafts. Craftsmen village, Tlaquepaque owes its prestige and international renown to the skilled potters that mold the local clay. It is a wonderful place for buying high-quality craftwork, not least because of the excellent prices found in this town that was once the soul of Mexico.

Two city parks stand out as excellent places to spend some leisure time. Los Colomos Park is located in a forest within the city and is an excellent place stroll or to get some active exercise. "The Castle" is a small cultural center and there are paths that lead to other special areas including areas set aside for picnics and family outings. The Japanese Gardens, donated by Guadalajara's sister city of Kyoto, Japan, are an incredibly peaceful sanctuary within the park. Parque Agua Azul, a Guadalajara tradition, is located in the southern section of the city. This park is divided into two parts, connected by a bridge, and it is huge. There are large green areas, a butterfly house, bird house, orchid house and various entertainment venues, some especially for the kids.

There is also a wonderful zoo, a soccer stadium for the local team "Chivas de Guadalajara" and bullfights at Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso.

Guadalajara is reasonably close to Puerto Vallarta (about a four-hour drive), so it's a good option if you want to see a bit of the countryside before heading to the beach.

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