Monterrey must see activities
Macro Plaza in Monterrey
City Tour in Monterrey
“Monterrey City Tour” will take you to explore the most interesting places in the city. We will start this stroll visiting the Macro Plaza, one of the biggest in the world, ...
Garcia Caves and Huasteca Cannyon
Garcia Caves and Huasteca Cannyon
Garcia Caves are a stunning natural spectacle that dates back 50 millions years ago ...
Cola de Caballo Waterfall
Cola de Caballo Waterfall
Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the Cola de Caballo Park, where you will admire the incredible cascades falling from the Oriental Sierra Madre, ...
The Santa Lucia canal in Monterrey
Beer tour
The Beer tour invites you to enjoy an amusing stroll around Monterrey’s typical corners such as the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma beer factory and its picturesque garden, the Hall’s Fame Museum, the Santa Lucia canal ...
Contemporary Art Museum
Contemporary Art Museum (MARCO)
One of Latin America´s leading cultural centers, is a remarkable model of post-modern Mexican architecture ...
Parque fundidora Monterrey
Parque fundidora Monterrey
It is a unique space that combines history, enjoyment and entertainment. The plazas, pathways, gardens and lakes are the backdrops where unlimited fun is free for all ...
Cerro de la Silla Monterrey Nuevo Leon
Cerro de la Silla
This hill named for its distinctive saddle-shaped, is a famous symbol of Monterrey's landscape. Is a popular recreational area and is often climbed by hikers ...


Monterrey is Mexico’s third largest city and the center of Mexican industry. Known as the Sultan of the North, Monterrey is the state capital of Nuevo Leon and it is located in the country’s northern region, surrounded by the spectacular view of the Sierra Madre Mountains, 993 km (616 mi) north from Mexico City. The climate in Monterrey varies a lot along the year: pleasant in spring and autumn, hot in summer with an average of 35 º C (95 ºF) and the average low in winter is 8 ºC (48 ºF).

A powerhouse of business and industry, Monterrey is one of the most important production and trade centers in the country. This well-planned city is easy to navigate, has a number of nearby natural attractions and is full of cultural offerings.

Monterrey's cathedral The city of Monterrey importance as an industrial center reflects in its numerous factories, prominent leather production and modern shopping malls – that offer you everything you would expect, from upscale department stores to elegant specialty stores. Monterrey is a cosmopolitan city that offers a wide array of choices in leisure such as opera, ballet and theatre, its nightlife is lively and features a diversity of options. An option can be a night visit to Barrio Antiguo, there you can find charming cafes, night spots and restaurants where you can get a taste of Monterrey’s culinary delights and traditional dishes – like cabrito (slow cooked baby goat) – as well as everything from international cuisine.

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Modern architecture has come to identify this vigorous industrial city over the years
The Barrio antiguo in Monterrey
Monterrey’s culinary delights and traditional dishes – like cabrito

Monterrey: Celebrates the Past and Embraces the Future

One of Monterrey’s countless attractions is its colonial and contemporary architecture, a clear example of the contrast of new and old. In Monterrey you can find old buildings that are considered historic monuments. The most important historic building is the Palacio del Obispo or the Bishopric Palace, which served as a city fortress from 1846 to 1848. Another important example of the city’s historical architecture is the Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey. This imposing cathedral features a pink neoclassical-style stone façade.

The Barrio Antiguo or old town is a place where you can also admire history in the colonial architecture that was prevalent in Monterrey around the turn of the century. In this town takes place the Festival Cultural Barrio Antiguo (Old Town Cultural Festival) considered Mexico’s third most important cultural event featuring cultural and musical activities.

The modern architecture of Monterrey has come to identify this vigorous industrial city over the years. The Faro del Comercio or Tower of Commerce, is one of Monterrey’s most characteristic contemporary monuments which dominate the landscape of the Macro Plaza – one of the world’s largest plaza, considered the cultural and administrative heart of the city.

The Macro Plaza in Monterrey
Huasteca Cannyon
Ecotourism and adventure tourism in Monterrey

The City of the Mountains:

Monterrey’s surrounding areas offer you gorgeous natural scenery where you can do various outdoor recreational activities such as ecotourism and adventure tourism. Cola de Caballo (horse tail) is a beautiful waterfall which shape resembles a real horse tail, you can walk or ride on horseback to the fall. Cañon de la Huatesca or Huasteca Canyon is located 9.5 km (6 mi) from the city, with vertical walled cliffs and canyons in a desert setting, is the perfect place for rock climbing. Just 20 minutes from Monterrey Chipinque National Park is a nature reserve that covers an area of 1625 hectares (4013 acres) of forest ideal for hiking, horseback ridding and bird watching.

Monterrey is a beautiful and modern city that has much to offer: quality restaurants, modern shopping malls, museums and cultural attractions; together with the mountains, canyons and dessert that surround the city, compose a surprisingly diverse tourist destination.


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